La isla mínima (V.O.S Inglés)

Descargas Trailer La isla mínima (V.O.S Inglés)

Dos policías, ideológicamente opuestos, son expedientados y castigados a desplazarse a un remoto pueblo de las marismas a investigar la desaparición de dos adolescentes. Allí se enfrentarán a un salvaje asesino en una comunidad anclada en el pasado.

In the Guadalquivir marshlands, in a small village forgotten and stuck in time, two teenage girls disappear during a local festival. Nobody misses them. Since all the young people want to move far from the village, some of them just run away from home. Rocío, the mother of the girls, manages to get the judge of the region interested in the case.Pedro and Juan, two homicide detectives who appear to be poles apart, are sent from Madrid, but for different reasons, they are not in their best moment in the police force.